How Robbie Richards Generated 150,732 Visits

Robbie Richards is the marketing director. He owns and runs a website, basically an SEO, named “”. Over the website, Richards has managed to develop various strategies that have helped him and the SEO to gain millions of visits. Freshly, he started his work as an intern as a social media marketing on the Fortune 500 project. With the experience and time, Richards self-taught himself the strategies which have helped him to gain the fame and success he has today. Later on, he built up his website, which allowed him to attract many visitors. The websites work by suggesting certain strategies to the people who approached them. These strategies then help them in boosting their business rapidly. The strategies and plans provided by Richards have been proved to be progressive and authentic and earned him a great status in the market. When developing a website, one of the greatest challenges which the website owner faces are how to increase the number of visitors to the website.As we are well aware that more the number of visitors, more money could be made out of it. Many people have to strive for the best and the most useful strategies and procedures which can be used for making their website on the top of the search engine. This made them find Robbie Richards. He owns a search engine optimization where he posts about various tutorials which can be helpful for the users to expand their business. Richards has applied a smart strategy in running his page as well. Every time a user would visit to have a look at the tutorials, he would pay a visit to too. By this, the number of visitors over the Richards’ website will also increase along with assisting other users on how to make their websites effective.

In recent time, Robbie Richards have earned nearly 150, 732 visits on his website. This was only possible because of the effective strategies which he has developed and implemented on his website. The first step for making your website appear on the top list of the search engine is that you have to be well aware and be very smart about the keywords you use for your website. While searching for any topic, the search engine presents the top websites with the most closed combination of the keywords searched. This can only be possible by selecting and arranging the words into the most appropriate pattern related to other topics available on the search engine.
The context of the topic was selected very carefully by Richards. The context again helps in placing the website over the top search list. If the context of the topic is strong and is common, it can earn many visitors. There is an optimization option while creating a website. This optimization allows the user to search according to the site speed and image selection. Moreover, the text adopted by Richards was of creating a lead magnet. A lead magnet helps in attracting email subscribers. As the number of subscribers also helps in adding more worth to the money, so the subscription is important. Great promotion of the content was done by Richards over multiple websites. These promotional activities are healthy for any marketing project as they are aware of the people about the present content. The last step involved in increasing the number of visitors is by creating backlinks through reverse engineering.
Robbie Richards has adopted and implemented this 6 step strategy while he was building his website and this is the very reason which has to lead him to earn a great number of visitors counting as 150,732.